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Construction Management Tool

Readily substantiate your construction claims

Easily provide documentation for your claimwith detailed records of construction issues.
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Centralizes Issue Tracking & Communications
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Create Professional Reports Instantly

Maintain a comprehensive papertrail with ease

Get in the habit of documenting issues with an easy-to-use app that’s built for capturing in the field.

Shape will help you quickly record details including:
  • Issue description
  • Location on site
  • Issue type
  • Relevant dates
  • Photos of the issue
  • Trade
  • Responsible parties
  • Actions & updates
  • Correspondence
  • Impact assessment
  • Timestamps
  • Custom fields
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Easily find and print issue records to validate your claim

  • Safekeep your construction issue records stored on the cloud
  • Easily access and search for issue records relevant to your claim
  • Print or Export to PDF instantly without manual formatting
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Quickly address work blockers and potential delays

Minimise work disruption with a clear view of the issues you capture. Shape is so simple to use, you can easily get your project team to collaborate on keeping issues efficiently reported, documented, and addressed.
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Discover what else construction teams can do with Shape

Track and report everything happening on site

Reclaim the hours you spend on coordinating and reporting your daily construction progress.