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Construction Daily Reports

Create professional daily site reports faster.

Update your site diary in real-time and get your team to contribute to it directly with Shape.
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Organised data gathering

Capture site activities directly into a structured daily log in real-time.

Easy to use

Get your team to help complete your daily report easily right on the app.

Instant reports

Instantly generate and submit your daily report in a variety of formats.

Streamline how you build your construction daily reports

Instantly generate professional construction daily  reports

  • Organise reports
    Keep all your daily reports in one place and provide access to relevant stakeholders.
  • Export report
    Export your report in a variety of formats including PDF and easily share it via email.
  • Prefill reports
    Carry over relevant details and activities over to your future reports at the click of a button.
Shift Manager product capabilities

Get your team’s inputs directly on the app

  • Add collaborators
    Instantly add anyone to contribute to your day’s report.
  • TALK with your team
    Tag and discuss privately with collaborators for details on the day’s activities.
  • Get feedback
    Easily gather comments on your report from all project stakeholders.
Shift Manager product capabilities

Capture site activities as you go through your day

  • Log the right details
    Simply fill in our industry standard site diary template.
  • Add images
    Visualise your construction progress by inserting photos effortlessly.
  • Work on-the-go
    Complete your report in real-time on your mobile device.
Shift Manager product capabilities

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