What is the meaning of life?

Tough question. Like all good engineers, we start from first principles. We think that a perfect organisation must:


A place that encourages the development of meaningful relationships.


Where people develop themselves to become better humans.


Provides the freedom and the challenge to choose your own learning adventure.

Our primary focus at Shape is not to build a product, but to build a community that enables a fulfilled life, whatever your meaning is.

Software Engineering

Reliability at our core

Our code runs through a series of continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines and is tested, deployed and measured on every change.

We have a scalable cloud infrastructure that is resilient and adapts to the current demand.

We measure everything and adapt accordingly, alarm and alert if anything is not right and give feedback as fast and early as possible.

An efficient REST API

Our Ruby on Rails application provides water-tight security and is a service that generates all responses, emails and push notifications to the client apps.

A React PWA with complex functionality

There are not many places where you’ll be pushed to your technical limits like at Shape. We balance the business logic of a B2B platform, with the intuitive requirements of a B2C app. All the while making everything seemless offline!

Are you an Engineer?

Product Design

Are you an Product Designer?

We realise that the end user is everything, and that their experience is the single biggest factor in the success of a product.

We put our trust and empower our designers to lead the way and we build to their vision. 

The designers work hand-in-hand with in-house industry specialists to weave world class user experience into construction specific solutions.


4 day week

4 day week

This gives more work-life balance

Distributed team

Distributed team

We see the office as a community centre to drop into if you feel like it.

Top of market salaries

Top of market salaries

Salary is based on capability, not years of experience.

Standard stuff

Standard stuff

Health cover for household**
Electronic equipment

**country dependent

Work with us

There are some vacancies in our team we need to fill. If you don’t find what you’re looking for but still want to work with us, send us an email to [email protected] with your CV and cover letter.

Lead Frontend Developer (React) - Portugal
4 day week (32hrs) / 100% Remote
Wizard Product Designer (UX/UI) - Philippines
4 day week (32hrs) / 100% Remote
Driven Senior/Lead Frontend Developer (React) - Philippines
4 day week (32hrs) / 100% Remote