Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We know sometimes you need to get access to the raw data so we’ve created two ways of exporting: 

  1. You can create a PDF report of any issue or shift report with just one click 
  2. You can export all your data into Excel or CSV

Shape is accessible on any device by visiting

On compatible devices, you will see a banner and a button in the navigation panel that allows you to install the app and get access to useful features such as push notifications.

Shape is not yet available in app stores. 

Yes. Shape is designed to be used by multiple organisations on a single project, while protecting each parties’ privacy. 

When creating issues and shift reports, you can select from a range of privacy settings allowing you to make each issue either, private, available to specific teams of your choosing or to everyone on the project. 

If you assign an issue to a user on another team, Shape will automatically work out the most private viable option for the issue. 

We also have a private chat feature on each issue so you can talk just among members of your team. 

You can also setup custom fields on each project that are available only to members of your team. 

Construction teams can use all of our apps completely free, forever.

For teams who need more powerful features, check out our pricing.

Absolutely. We’ve built Shape to be the leading collaboration tool for construction teams, however, before you get to that point there are a ton of great things you can do to make your life easier. You can use Shape to get a single view of all of your issues and blockers on site and use the report generator to easily share details and track the history of each issue (commercial teams love it!). You can also use Shift Manager to easily create site diaries and circulate them with your team.

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