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A better way to manage construction issues than WhatsApp, Teams, Excel, emails, meetings…you get the picture. And it’s free.

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issues becoming an issue?

Not any more. Communicate and coordinate on all issues holding up your construction project from one place to get the job done.

What people say about Shape Field

"Having one place to coordinate all our issues has been a game changer. Things get resolved so much quicker now ”
Site Engineer, Kier
“We've tried a few different tools to manage issues but they were too complicated and never really used properly. Shape Field is great as it's easy to use and automatically gives us a full history of all issues as we go.”
Project Manager, Balfour Beatty

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Here are the answers to some of the questions we get asked a lot. If there's anything you'd still like to know reach out to us at [email protected]

Unlike most other construction software, Shape Field is super easy to use, and it’s been designed with this in mind; you don’t need any training and you don’t need a PhD. You can setup your project with just a few clicks of a button and get things happening straight away out of the box.

It’s completely free and only starts to cost anything if you want to start using certain advanced features like exports and reporting dashboards.

It’s a completely web-based app so can be found by visiting From here you can install the app from the sidebar which will give you an icon in your home screen, open the app in its own window and even provide push notifications on Android devices.

Any type of issue you might encounter on a construction project. From access and interface issues blocking works, design issues, snagging and outstanding works issues, issues with lack of materials and permitting issues, Shape Field helps construction teams manage and overcome these to get the job done.

Yes, it does. There are three primary methods by which you can integrate Shape Field with your other workflows:

  1. You can export all the detail on a particular issue into a PDF report using the Print issue feature
  2. You can create custom fields to represent external information in Shape such as programme activity IDs or early warning references
  3. You can export all your issue data into Excel or CSV

Yes, there are even some handy features that really help manage issues during design such as:

  • You can use custom fields for specific uses such as RFCs
  • You can upload designs and PDFs using our file upload feature
  • There is a discipline option for design

Really easy. All you need is an email address or phone number to setup a profile for someone and send them an issue.

Yes. Shape Field is designed to be used by multiple organisations on a single project, while protecting each parties’ privacy. When creating issues, you can select from a range of privacy settings allowing you to make each issue either, private, available to specific teams of your choosing or to everyone on the project. If you assign an issue to a user on another team, Shape will automatically work out the most private viable option for the issue. We also have a private chat feature on each issue so you can talk just among members of your team. You can also setup custom fields on each project that are available only to members of your team.

Absolutely. Issues and snag trackers, such as BIM360, don’t provide construction teams with one single platform to communicate and coordinate around their issues, so most teams use Shape Field to better manage all issues in one place, reporting back to the client’s software if needed.

What are you waiting for?

It’s free to setup and easy to use. Give it a go today and see for yourself how it can help make your construction project run smoother.