Bringing simplicity to project management

The weight of the world on your shoulders

Being a project manager is a tough job not for the faint of heart. You are ultimately responsible for the outcome of a project that from the very beginning has a load of hidden problems buried like landmines waiting for you or your team to step on.

And as soon as the project gets going they start going off with a bang here, there and everywhere. Your team scrambles to keep them as controlled as possible so that the project progresses quickly and efficiently.

Step back for a moment. Your inbox is probably jammed with hundreds of huge email threads. Your diary is probably back to back with meetings most days. I bet more than half of your time and attention is absorbed by unexpected issues rather than getting things built.

Issues, problems and blockers everywhere

No matter how well a project is planned or managed, issues are always going to occur. The key is spotting them fast and resolving them even faster. It can often feel overwhelming to keep on top of everything that is going on. Always keeping an eye out for where you need to intervene to keep the project moving forward.

If you don’t keep on top of things the project can quickly get out of hand and absorb your team in a reactive death spiral plagued with delays, cost overruns and a team which quickly becomes demoralised. High turnover of staff can then kick in and this only increases the number of issues that need to be dealt with.

Keeping this from happening is what keeps project managers up at night.

A construction workflow app

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some kind of system that helps manage all project issues in one place with your supply chain, designers and client?
That’s what we thought, which is why we developed the Shape Issues app. It is the only app designed specifically to manage construction project issues. It is easy to set up and use and covers all project issues in one place such as access to a work front, a design problem, quality corrections, missing documents or materials. Whatever it is, your team can capture this easily.

Always know who is responsible

Capturing issues is the easy part. Getting them closed is the real challenge. That requires accountability.

Projects are often shrouded in a fog of accountability that can make it unclear who is responsible for what. Shape Issues enables complete clarity of ownership because there is always a responsible individual assigned to all issues raised and a fully traceable history of how this has changed over time.

Get your time back: Halve your meetings and emails

Every issue includes a digital space where everyone involved can communicate, upload images and files with the purpose of getting the issue quickly resolved.

This means instead of flying emails around you can just discuss it in Shape Issues knowing that you aren’t leaving anyone out of the loop.
Issues can be resolved over chat without having to wait for a weekly meeting or someone to reply to an email they forgot about. This saves everyone time and gets issues solved much faster.

Full visibility at your fingertips

Keeping the site and management teams connected is even more important these days as not everyone is present on site all the time. The Shape Issues app is your own personal control centre. It is like being in NASA. You see everything that is happening in real time on a timeline, dashboards and discussion channels.

Silently monitor or intervene hard, it is up to you.

All the commercial records you need

Issues cost time and money and to claim that back you need evidence. With a full history of the issue from start to finish recorded in the app, you can export a pdf report in seconds to substantiate your claims. No more digging through emails and WhatsApp chats to piece together what happened. You are a PM not a detective, leave that stuff to Sherlock.

By construction people for construction people

We built this app for the real world. We have worked for decades on construction projects all around the world so we know that some things are the same on every project. People need construction apps that help them do their job, not make more work for them. They need apps that are simple to use and don’t need a PhD to operate.

Shape Issues is simple and easy. You don’t need a digital guru to set it up and it won’t fall apart without one either. Teams can pick it up and run with it because it’s so simple they don’t need training to understand how to use it. On top of all that the free plan lets you use it straight away.

Clarity and control

You’re probably thinking this all sounds too good to be true, so sign up your project for free and see for yourself. Clarity and control over your project issues is as easy as having the right process and system in place. Shape Issues is both.